Scaling Up Legacy IT Operations for Flexibility, End-User Ease, and Business Growth

On the journey to adopting cloud-first strategies, enterprises need experienced guidance while ensuring flexibility, scalability, and cost-efficiencies in their IT infrastructure deployments. Soltius ME and AWS work together to simplify enterprise-wide cloud adoption by following the AWS Cloud Transformation Maturity Model (CTMM), which provides you with secure ways to leverage the transformational power of the cloud. With unmatched expertise in successfully undertaking complex global cloud transformation programs for enterprises, we make sure that every step is placed uniquely to help an organization accomplish its vision of successful digital transformation.

Soltius Differentiators

Soltius ME enables enterprises to take advantage of the AWS cloud to its full potential ranging from scalable design patterns to zero-touch databases. Rooted in driving business effectiveness, innovation, and cost optimization, we adopt a consultative engagement and delivery approach to drive cloud transformation. Constantly automating and improving systems and processes with our deep expertise, we offer services that evolve your stack with zero-maintenance cloud-native builds, architecture, and data platforms. Our proven track record in successfully delivering such projects has been pivotal in clients becoming agile and resilient.