Soltius ME’s Community Management Portal is a SharePoint based fully-integrated application to help property management companies, board members, community managers, owners, tenants and other stakeholders, to seamlessly manage day-to-day community operations.

The portal comes with a self-service tool with a convenient number of services and offerings wherein various users like owners, tenants and board members can pay bills, view payment details, view transaction history, buy/sell goods, see relevant documents and more without any interdependencies.

Some of the essential features of Community Management Portal are:

Community service charges

Display of the community charges of an owner and an interface where the owner can pay the community charges online from the portal.

Community utility charges

Display of the outstanding consumption and capacity of the tenant/owner and allows the online bill payment.

Financial reports

Customized financial reports and list reports (like- number of buildings, etc.) for owners and board members.

Online statements & payment

Live account/invoice statements for owners/tenants/board members/managers. Payment options via secure card gateway.

Collaboration tools

A secured communication forum to discuss and communicate notices /notifications. Events and video announcements.

Classified & local business directory

Owners and tenants have the facility to post the classifieds. The local business directory allows community management to maintain the advertisements of various vendor or suppliers.

My request

Tenants/owners can request for the access card, remote control, storage room request, document request and more.


Owner director/community manager can receive feedback from other stakeholders thru the survey portal.

Soltius ME helped UAE’s largest privately-owned community management company reduce operational cost by 60%

Key challenges

  • Multiple applications were used to maintain communities in different regions resulting in high maintenance costs
  • No centralized system to manage various communities globally
  • No control over business data managed by the service provider


Soltius ME transformed the existing community portals into one brand new Community Management Portal

  • Individual sites for each community
  • Easy owner and tenant management (like owner association portals, financial reports, etc.)
  • E-Service community management
  • Online payment of services and utility charges
  • Mass registration of owners and tenants in multiple communities
  • Payment gateway integration with NI Payment Gateway API (Region's most innovative payment gateway)

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