The Middle East Oil and Gas industry is undergoing unprecedented transformation with the on-going trend towards the development of mega-refineries and large integrated petrochemical plants that are world-class in both size and complexity. Legacy systems and technologies hamper production at unconventional oil and gas basins and hinder productivity. The industry, on the other hand has also been grappling with business and operational complexities, stringent regulatory requirements, complex & voluminous oil field data, retiring of experienced workforce and plummeting oil prices which is causing them to turn to technology to optimize their operational costs. All these challenges demand process re-engineering, implementation of new and emerging technologies and business transformation at oil and gas enterprises.

In the short term, given the low oil price, oil and gas companies are focusing on investments that deliver more immediate benefits in cost reduction. Worldwide Oil and gas companies are focusing their digital investments on areas where they see tangible business value. This includes lowering the cost of operations through increased worker productivity with mobility, lower infrastructure costs through the use of cloud and better asset management through analytics.

Soltius helps the Oil and Gas industry navigate the energy transition to build a safe, profitable and sustainable future by providing ways to modernize business processes, better connect systems with newer technologies, gain insights for quick and better decision making, and optimally utilize resources and skills. We leverage industry best practices to help you reengineer processes by letting you harness emerging technology, increase automation, and optimize processes to effect a business transformation at your Oil and Gas enterprise.

From strategic consulting to implementation and support, our services are designed to help you stay ahead of a dynamic market.

Our comprehensive services for Oil and Gas Industry

  • ERP Environment: Integrate the flexibility and scalability of the Cloud while maintaining control of your ERP environment.
  • Managed Services: Create value for your business and boost efficiency and accuracy while curbing IT spend
  • Mobility: Our expertise in mobile technologies helps oil and gas companies deliver information to their workforces, no matter where they are.
  • Environmental Health and Safety: help you monitor and maintain your infrastructure to ensure operational safety and environmental protection.
  • Testing Services: Strengthen the security and performance of your new systems and applications
  • Insights, Data and Analytics Services: Convert massive amounts of field data and sensor information into an intelligent business platform to enhance your producing assets

YASH and Soltius Advantage – More than what you think

  • In-depth experience and familiarity with industry operational processes and business needs
  • Applying effective project management practices to ensure cost and time effective results.
  • Integrated process, analytics, and technology expertise to deliver superior business outcome.
  • A seamless operation and support model for any aspect of communications or technology used by the Oil & Gas industry.
  • Employing industry-leading expertise to assess, design, plan and deploy process and technology improvements.

Soltius works with oil and gas companies to tailor and apply Oil & Gas Services based on your operating models, your technology strategy and your future inclination. While services are based on proven approaches, the team actively pursues innovations to help companies achieve new possibilities. No matter what your needs are, Soltius will deliver solutions that will provide the highest return on your investment in information technology.