The Soltius Support is based on "near site" methodology. We believe that clients should be able to meet and talk to our support staff if required. This clears the frustrations of remote support where emails and telephones make communication difficult.

Using our S.A.M.S. methodology we can quickly bring companies into our support structure. The Soltius support team works collaboratively with established SAP users, offering an innovative and flexible service that includes mentoring and thought leadership to ensure you are leveraging maximum value from your SAP infrastructure.

Soltius application outsourcing approach transforms application development and maintenance to help our clients achieve high performance. Our capabilities provide the highest quality of service at competitive costs, while our focus goes far beyond cost reduction and delivers added value by ensuring that IT investments are strategically aligned with our clients' business imperatives. The result is greater operational control with better reporting and a higher rate of on-time, on-budget project delivery. Companies gain the flexibility of being able to refocus retained employees on critical business imperatives and adjust outsourcing service levels to meet changing business needs. The overall business outcome is realizing increased value and lower costs through improved performance