Soltius is enabled to service your organization across the full spectrum of IT services which are required to evaluate, implement and support your complete business model

IT Strategy

Where corporate strategies are required to match the vision and mission of the organisation, Soltius can help to create the individual corporate initiatives with which the strategy will be met. We are capable of, and have the experience in, building IT strategies roadmap to match the corporate initiatives.

Soltius has its own methodology built up over the past 14 years called “Soltius Path” which is a template driven program which results in an IT strategy mapped into a series of initiatives with timings, benefits and risks mapped to your overall corporate strategy.


Soltius has been implementing SAP in Greenfield Sites since 1995. Soltius Middle East has continued this tradition of adding true value to our client's businesses by implementing all or parts of the SAP business suite.

Experience in implementation is something which we have gained through our engagements and our lessons learnt are   inbred into our programme and project management.

SAP Products implemented include:

  • SAP ERP (All Modules)
  • SAP industry solutions
  • Enterprise Portal
  • Business Intelligence Warehouse
  • Business Objects
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Supplier Relationship Management
  • Solution Manager
Roll Outs

Regional Roll Outs

Soltius Middle East prides itself in its abilities for understanding local laws, regulations and business practices across the Middle East.

We have carried out a number of multi national company roll outs based on a templates either created by ourselves, or by others to which our consultants can quickly adapt..

Roll Outs Experience

We have rolled out SAP solutions to the following countries:

  • Kuwait
  • Bahrain
  • Qatar
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Oman
  • Yemen
  • Syria
  • Pakistan
  • Iran
Continuous Improvements

The Operations and Continuous Improvement phase allows you to evaluate the implementation of your SAP Software, assess the need for upgrades and carry out any necessary improvements. The aim of this phase is to optimize the use of SAP solutions and secure your enterprise's competitive position.

Soltius is adept at analyzing current process and new requirements, mapping them to SAP and integrating the two together with minimal disruption to the current business.

Soltius Application Management Services

The Soltius Support is based on "near site" methodology. We believe that clients should be able to meet and talk to our support staff if required. This clears the frustrations of remote support where emails and telephones make communication difficult.

Using our S.A.M.S. methodology we can quickly bring companies into our support structure. The Soltius support team works collaboratively with established SAP users, offering an innovative and flexible service that includes mentoring and thought leadership to ensure you are leveraging maximum value from your SAP infrastructure.