Unify sales and marketing to enhance business and customer experiences

Get total visibility, and awareness of the Sales Pipelines And forecasts, Right from Marketing Activities to Consumer/Customer Complaints by Customer Service with Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM.

Sales and Marketing are complex domains, and Working with each Business Opportunity- there may be several people and various activities involved. These include Pre-Sales, Customer Service, Technical Assistance, account manager, and so on, and all parties need to work together to close the deal. SOLTIUSME’s Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM for Sales and Marketing offers a unified platform and enables smarter sales capability for small and large businesses.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM for Sales and Marketing helps to turn relationships into revenue, allowing you to sell more, sell faster, and bring digital intelligence into each deal. Predict customer needs and treat them with personal attention to build strong relationships and generate more revenue.

An Integrated Platform will Provide you Complete 360 Degrees View of Customer Data, and you have the liberty to personalize customer experiences across every touch point at a global scale, automate salesforce processes and solve sales problems distinctive to each customer.

SOLTIUSME’s Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales and Marketing solution help to replace time-consuming tasks with smart, automated workflows for repetitive tasks like email notifications or guided workflows to ensure the team efforts are profitably focused on selling and Also provides Individual Mobile Applications for Sales, Marketing and Customer Services  Using the Power Platform and  with Social Engagements will improve Ease of Access and Provides the best Customer Experience  Results in Increase of Business and Cost Controlling.

Why partner with SOLTIUSME’s Microsoft Dynamics 365 – Sales and Marketing

  • Growth – Understand sales activity and advance your short-term or long-term plans by Forecasts and AI Assistance.
  • Focus – avoid guesswork to make informed decisions with the help of real-time reports
  • Time – reduce admin time to better focus on selling
  • Collaborate – track each email event in Dynamics to enable sales and quickly identify the top campaign prospects
  • Personalize – create personalized emails that engage one-to-one communications with prospects and enhances social engagement

Additionally, you can quickly assess and update this information – from anywhere! Benefit with a clear picture of each relationship with instant access to leads, sales opportunities, service cases, recent emails, shared documents, and more detail across virtually any device.

It is time to compose, modify, and extend processes. Empower your employees with productivity tools in the context of their business processes with deep integration between Dynamics 365 and Office and Lot  Many Social Engagements